Identifikasi Perubahan Garis Pantai dan Penutup Lahan Menggunakan Citra Satelit Landsat 7 ETM+ Tahun 2002 dan Tahun 2012 Kawasan Jakarta Utara Pasca Reklamasi Pantai Part 1


Coast of North Jakarta is one of the coastal areas often reclaimed. The reclamation process causes the need for monitoring of coastal line and land cover change. Monitoring was conducted to determine the spatial information in the form of changes in long coastal line and land cover. Such information can be used by local authorities as a material consideration in the decision making process to plan the North Jakarta coastal areas management.

Two images is required to achieve the above purpose. This two image is a Landsat 7 ETM + SLC mode of North Jakarta in 2002’s and Landsat 7 ETM + SLC mode off of North Jakarta in 2012’s. Landsat 7 ETM + in 2012’s having image stripping so it is necessary to fill the stripping by 5 filler image to process the stripping corrections. This project uses data supporting a land use map of North Jakarta 2000 format *. Shp and map RBI Jakarta in 2000 with a 1:25.000 scale. Digital classification on this project using supervised classification methods with minimum distance algorithm. Classification results digital were analyzed with utilizing method of post classification for calculate accuracy of the classification results with collate confusion matrix. Analysis of land-use change is done by using change detection methods to count based on the results of the classification. Coastal line change analysis is done by digitizing coastal line laying in both images.

This project was concluded that the Landsat 7 ETM + imagery SLC mode off in 2012’s can still be used after stripping corrected with gapfill method. Value of coastal land cover change in North Jakarta showed that changes in the value of residential land is dominant with the addition of an area of 848.475 m² and other areas worth decreased to 87.525 m² for vacant land 6.305.625 m² for vegetation and 4.044.375 m² for the water body class. Changes in North Jakarta coastal line in the past 10 years from 2002 to 2012 amounted to 2.732 m with a forward direction near the ocean. This is due to the addition of the land area of 4.449.249 m² because of reclamation in North Jakarta area at this period.


Keywords:Imagery of Landsat 7 ETM+ slc off, gapfill,coastal line, land cover changes

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